The Seed Forum package of services and templates for the internationalisation process has been implemented. The objective is to support young Georgian SMEs with a growth potential internationally, by giving them the opportunity to present their business prospects to potential investors and business partners at International Seed Forums. The project goal (result indicator) is eight company presentations. So far already six companies were selected and already presented their investment case at International Seed Forum Investor Conferences in Oslo, Tallinn, Singapore and New York.


Company B2B Package International SF – City International SF – Date
Teddyboot X Tallinn 10 March 2016
Lingwing X Singapore 15 March 2016
Interactive Glove Ltd. X New York 5 May 2016
Treepex X New York  1 November 2016
Allads X Oslo 17 November 2016
Fotorator JSC X Oslo  17 November 2016